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About The Brand - Que Cute Accessories

This handmade accessory line was born in 2003 the opportunity came to me to create, just as I was missing that creative aspect in my life. With the support of my co-workers, I took the LAST $40 left over from my paycheck that week and got to work! I hit Downtown L.A and purchased some ribbon, and these cute white paper mache roses, I bought some mini snap clips, and made about 24 hair clips, I sold them to my boss, and they were all gone by the end of the week....I doubled my money, and then Que Cute took on a life it's own. I get inspiration from high end designers like Tarina Tarantino, Juicy, Micheal Kors, Betsy Johnson and runway fashions.

After many years of working towards size and volume, life happened, and so I had to take several breaks which meant leaving sales reps and showrooms and then returning and starting all over with a new growing and ever changing market...I could never really stay away or part with my supplies. It wasn't until 2014 when baby #4 arrived, and to our surprise, she had a little extra cuteness than we were expecting, this brought a whole new dynamic to our family and we had to move some things around and change some priorities, I needed more time to dedicate to my family, and I was tired of mass producing...so I decided to once again leave the wholesale life and focus on retail sales and connecting with my customers one on one. I absolutely love the creative freedom that this brings. My mission is to create quality handmade products that are practical unique and will stand the test of time.