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Snap Clips - Grab Bag

Snap Clips - Grab Bag


Once you try these you will never want to be without them! 

Que Cute snap clips are 100% handmade, each piece of glitter fabric and leather is hand traced then cut and a faux suede logo backing is applied to give them an ever better grip, you will always know you have an original Que Cute piece. 

Choose a quantity and a style mix and you are on your way!
Snap clips come in 4 different sizes, from 4.25"-1.25" 
  • Assorted- all shapes and sizes
  • Original- original shape only, in 2.25" size
  • Minis- 1.25" all shapes
  • Mom Mix- 4.25" & 2.25" original shape only
  • Toddler- 2.25"-3" 
  • Big Girl- 2.25"-4.25 mixed shapes

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